Welcome to Liquid Investigations!

Liquid Investigations allows you to turn your ARM-based board or PC into a secure collaboration server for investigative journalism projects. It builds upon Ubuntu, Hoover, Hypothesis, and many other projects to enable you to safely and securely collaborate on sensitive projects with minimal set-up.

We have made images available for popular ARM-based boards, and for the x86_64 architecture. You can run the distribution at the center of a war-room environment, in a federation with other boards, or in a cloud hosted configuration, depending on your team and security needs.

Note that the project is currently under development, and as such features are subject to change. To follow development, we suggest that you use waffle.io in conjunction with our issue repository.

For more details, take a look at our project wiki here.

Our progress reports can be followed here: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.

Getting Started

There are three main ways to begin using the platform:

  1. Via our online demo server located at liquiddemo.org.
  2. Self-hosted, using one of our x86_64 images.
  3. On an ARM-based board, using our Odroid C2 image or Rock64 image.

For instructions on how to download and install the software, take a look at our Getting Started Guide.

About Us

The Liquid investigations project is a Google DNI funded project, driven by CRJI, where coders and journalists work towards making investigative collaborations less burdensome and more secure.

Contact Us

We can be reached at:

rcij [at] riseup.net (PGP:0x8234F8D4A624D9F4)